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Middle Tennessee's Failing Transportation System

While Middle Tennessee's population and employment have grown rapidly, we have made only incremental investments our sidewalk, public transit, and bike networks. Without these investments, many Middle Tennessee communities will remain without affordable and safe transportation access to high-quality housing, jobs, schools, food, recreation, and other activities.

Connect Mid-TN's Role

Improving Transportation Access for All

Accelerated Implementation & Dedicated Funding

Cars are the least space-efficient way to move people on our streets, which are not getting any bigger. All Middle Tennessee residents will benefit from having more options to travel safely and affordably through the region, especially in Metro Nashville where traffic congestion is at its worst. Metro Nashville, WeGo Transit, and the Greater Nashville Regional Council have completed an array of strong plans that acknowledge these challenges and affirm these goals -- but implementation is falling farther and farther behind schedule, in part because of funding constraints.

Connect Mid-TN provides a forum for its member groups to coordinate their educational, engagement, and advocacy efforts. Connect Mid-TN members share a vision of reliable, affordable, and diverse transportation options for all Middle Tennesseans. Connect Mid-TN’s actions focus on near-term transportation access improvements, dedicated transportation funding, and city- or region-wide policy reform.

Transit Topics

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