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Metro Nashville Transportation Plan

Metro Nashville Transportation Plan Office of Mayor John Cooper December 2020

The plan is informed by 11 public Listening Sessions held throughout Davidson County this year, along with targeted discussions with stakeholders and all 40 Metro Councilmembers. Many community members have been contributors and shapers of this effort. Metro Nashville’s Transportation Plan proposes core categories for investment that reflect our communities and the region’s stated priorities: Mass transit, neighborhood infrastructure (sidewalks, bikeways, greenways), a “state of good repair” for roads and bridges, traffic operations, and signals, and safety/Vision Zero. Projects within the plan will be advanced via individual, opportunistic funding strategies, while more comprehensive, dedicated revenue streams—via the IMPROVE Act’s authorizing mechanism for referendums or other available legal frameworks—can be pursued in a future year once America’s economy recovers from the pandemic-induced downturn. This plan offers the transportation choice and options for any post COVID-19 scenarios that may develop. In addition to a depth of contemporary feedback gathered from Nashvillians in 2020, the plan also rests on many years of careful study and community engagements through Metro’s adopted modal plans (nMotion, Access Nashville 2040, and WalknBike)

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