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Statement from Connect Mid-TN on the proposed budget for WeGo Public Transit

While we understand and appreciate that Mayor Briley’s budget reflects steps to address inequities in our city, Connect Mid-TN believes that transit is a key connector to economic opportunity and enhances the quality of life of our citizens. We are disheartened that WeGo faces a budget shortfall of $8.7 million under the mayor’s proposed fiscal 2020 budget, and is facing difficult decisions about cutting routes and raising fares.


This is a perfect example of why we need a dedicated source of funding for transit.


Until there is another referendum for a dedicated source of funding for transit, we hope that when our Mayor and Metro Council members are faced with difficult budget decisions in the future, transit equity remains a priority.

Background on WeGo’s budget


The Metro Council will meet on Wednesday, May 15, 2019 to discuss the Mayor’s proposed budget for WeGo Public Transit.


There is a $8.7 shortfall between what Mayor Briley proposed in his budget and the Tier 1 budget request that WeGo submitted. If the Mayor’s proposed budget is approved, WeGo will need to consider eliminating routes, reducing the frequency of buses, or raising fares

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