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Our Role In The Region

Purpose – Why does Connect Mid-TN exist?

Connect Mid-TN (CM-T) provides a forum for its member groups to coordinate their educational, engagement, and advocacy efforts. CM-T members share a vision of reliable, affordable, and diverse transportation options for all Middle Tennesseans. CM-T’s actions focus on near-term transportation access improvements, dedicated multi-modal transportation funding, and city- or region-wide policy reform.


Values – What does CM-T believe?

  • Improved transportation options can create access to opportunity for all

  • Effective decision-making requires inclusive outreach and community-wide participation

  • Public and private transportation providers and their leadership should be held accountable to meeting the rapidly evolving transportation needs of Middle Tennesseans

  • Transportation solutions in Nashville should anchor and align with broader regional improvements

  • Streets and roads should be designed for all users, whether people on foot, on bikes, in public transit, or in private vehicles

Join the Connect Mid-TN coalition as a business or organization:

By joining the CM-T your companies logo will be added to the partner's list at the bottom of this page. We expect that someone from your organization can be present at most quarterly meetings. We also encourage members to get involved with sub-committees.

Connect with us as an individual:

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